An accounting firm to support your business even in challenging situations?

We are the support and the security in your adventure

There are differences between accounting agencies. With our versatile
accountancy services, we can help the entrepreneur in many challenging
situations. Working as a reliable partner is prerequisite for us. You can
give the financial management into our care without feeling worried. You will
always have an accountant who is easy to deal with. The best way to work
together is to have an open discussion about your situation, your business
situation, and your development goals and plans. When your accountant is
familiar with your business, he or she is in the best position to work for you
and your business. You and your company are an inseparable unit and it is an
honor to pursue the overall benefit to you. We are situated in
Turku Kastu and Kaarina Krossi. Welcome!

Who are we?

Our roots go back more than 30 years, which guarantees the solid
professionalism of our office. We train our staff extensively, which also
contributes to our solid expertise.

Your friendly and knowledgeable accounting firm in Turku - contact us!.

Accounting Office Turku - Tili-Seno provides comprehensive services to
companies of all sizes. We will serve you between 8am and 4pm, or by


Do you get enough information and support from your current accountant? We will help you change accountant!


Many think that it is not possible to change the accounting firm in the middle of the financial year. However, this is not the case. The exchange may just as well be made at any stage of the financial year. Thanks to the exchange package, the matter is handled with a simple signature. We will handle the termination of the agreement and, if necessary, we will also collect the material from your previous service provider.

Attitude is everything

A grumpy attitude, work just has to be done and every day is a struggle - this attitude is not part our office. Not for our employees, but not for our customers either. In a bright attitude, there is a seed that grows and bears fruit. So be sure to bring a piece of sun with you every day, also in your business. Call us when the clouds are trying to come in the way. Let´s blow the positive buzz of your business together.

We will be happy to tell you more!


Contact us, let's talk more!


KORONAN VAIKUTUS TILITOIMISTOMME TOIMINTAAN KEVÄÄN AIKANA. Suomen hallitus on tehnyt torstai-iltapäivänä linjauksia tavoitteenaan koronaviruksen hidastaminen.

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KESÄPOSTIA TILI-SENOSTA! Haluamme kiittää teitä kuluneesta vuodesta ja samalla muistuttaa lähestyvistä kesälomistamme. KAARINAN TOIMISTO ON SULJETTU AJALLA 15.7.-28.7.2019. Turun toimisto palvelee normaalisti koko... 

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