Payroll – is it a jungle?

Payroll is more challenging day by day and always takes time. Workers' rights are important and regulated by law and collective agreements. Can you take into account the different situations and their legal interpretations? Our long experience in interpreting collective agreements and the Employment Contracts Act provides certainty for payroll management. All of our payroll graduates have passed the advanced qualification in payroll management. Indeed,
the ease and reliability of our payroll calculations have been praised over the years.

My payroll liana?

Payroll Turku - Many provisions apply to employees and employment

The Employment Contracts Act is the supreme governing law, which is specified by many provisions and regulations. Collective agreements can specify many of the issues that appear in the Employment Contracts Act; you need to know which one is dominant. The Working Time Act, the Young Workers Act, the
Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Equality Act and many others. When can I terminate or when can I be laid off? What do I do when an employee does not go to work even when they should? What is the probationary period? How do I alert a worker? Can I only increase salary for one employee? Do workers have to be offered occupational health care? What insurance do I need? Do we have to
choose an occupational safety representative at our workplace? What the hell does extra work mean? An endless jungle of questions haunts you, and navigating this jungle may require the help of a payroll clerk Jane, whose help is vital.
Take your own lance!. 

GDPR and  new requirements for the processing of employee data

The Data Protection Regulation came with many new additional requirements for the processing of employee data, contract technology and data modification. It has previously been possible to agree on an employment contract orally, but the Data Protection Regulation has made a written agreement in an employment relationship mandatory.

Me, an employer?

You can order a Boss-package for our customer relationship, where we go through the contract jungle for company employees. The package includes a half-year support period, in which case you can ask your mind for future employment issues from your jungle Jane.

No need to be scared - Jane will help you!

You can leave the entire payroll administration to Jane. In interpretive situations, Jane may first find out about the Occupational Safety and Health District and then call you and agree on the best possible solution. Employment certificates, employment contracts, wage subsidy applications and income register declarations are also an essential part of payroll calculation. We also handle builder notices and privacy surveys for you. Rational allocation and streamlining of resources will always end up in your business’s favor. Save time and put your money to spawn.

Effortless payroll – ask more!

At Tili-Seno, you get expert payroll with all the twists and turns. When you are thinking of hiring more people, you will get the help we need for that as well. Turku and Kaarina payroll

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