Tili-Seno Oy offers comprehensive knowledge in various areas of entrepreneurship. From us, you get extensive financial management services for many needs, whether your company is a hairdresser or a metal workshop. Our customers are companies from different fields and everyone is equally important to us - including your company. Feel free to ask and let’s see how we can help your business succeed and grow. You can also come to our Turku or Kaarina office on site.

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We can help you with these also:

  • Establishment of a limited liability company and other forms of enterprise
  • Payroll certificates
  • Kela sickness allowances
  • Agricultural accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Payment of invoices
  • Financial statements
  • Tax return
  • Ledger management
  • E-invoicing
  • Raksa notifications and contractor’s liability data
  • Valttikortti ordering
  • GDPR privacy surveys

Good service?

In our opinion, good service can be subject to the same requirements as a good travel partner. Reliable, flexible and interested in your travel companion is always the best company. If necessary, the travel partner will give advice and support. These materials also create our comprehensive service package . We welcome you for a journey with us. 


Flexible electronic financial management

We have several e-financial management software that you are sure to find suitable for your company. Survey the situation and needs of your company. Feel free to call. We can tailor a package that suits you according to the needs of your own company. We have valid liability insurance and authorization from the Finnish Accounting Institute Foundation.

Let´s start making your business easy – Tili-Seno offices!

Our accounting firms offices are based in Turku and Kaarina. We have your own personal accountant, who is easy to deal with and review your business. Even though accounting is done electronically, we are happy to face our clients face to face and know that personal service is important for both the experienced entrepreneur and the founder of a new business. Call or request contact .

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