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The electronic financial management provided by Tili-Seno is suitable for
both large and small companies. We have offices in Turku and Kaarina.

Electronic financial management is the now...

What would you like to do on weekends and evenings? Do you want to deal with company bills and tax letters, or go to the gym or go sailing with your family? Leisure time is always tight for entrepreneurs. Even the family smiles broader when you don't spend your weekends on paperwork. Electrification increases your leisure time and you can spend it on whatever you like. Accounting Office Turku -Tili-Seno Oy is an electronic financial administration guru. Leave the unnecessary routines in history.

The electronic financial management provided by Tili-Seno is suitable for both large and small companies.

We provide you with an affordable basic e-financial package, or a more personalized, broader package that is tailored to your business needs.

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Small and Medium electronic systems

As the company grows, the number of employees increases and keeping hourly records becomes more and more important and challenging. You have a very affordable solution for making hourly entries.

As the company's operations expand, it makes sense to start monitoring projects and costs more closely, and this is easily achieved with our solutions. Employee costs can be controlled for projects with hourly accuracy.
At the same time, the number of documents is growing and the need for electronic invoicing grows. Costs and suppliers are easy to track in an electronic invoice archive. You can easily find the products and service you bought.

We have User experience with several programs and systems. We are familiar with e.g. the following services and programs:  Heeros,
Procountor, Netvisor, ePasseliePalkat,OnTime, eTasku, Asteri, Visma Sign,Adobe Sign and other Adobe software, Hotjar, Google Hangouts, Adminet, Omavero service, Suomi.fi, Canva, Creamailer, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, etc

More efficient accounting

Enable electronic financial management with Heeros software, Netvisor or Procountor software. Electronic financial management frees you from paper shackles and allows you to focus on your business. Electronic financial management software package Heeros offers the ability to process sales and purchase invoices and make the payments electronically. Invoice processing and archiving are possible without software installations or file backups. Electronic financial management guarantees the functionality of programs and the preservation of files, so accounting is always efficient. As a customer, you will have access to modern electronic services, training and support. Automatic features reduce manual work and errors.

Receipts Instantly To The Cloud (Heeros Mobile)

  • Electronic financial management makes it possible, for example, to make travel invoices by your mobile phone
  • Yourmobile phone registers the distance you drive and records it on the travel invoice
  • After your purchase, immediately take a picture of the receipt and it goes into  the archive straight away

Purchase Invoices (Heeros Circula)

  • Receive electronic and paper invoices directly to the system. No more opening  envelopes and processing invoices on your desk.
  • Desired Approval Cycle for purchase invoices.
  • You canpay the invoices yourself or leave it to the accountants to pay them on  due dates.
  • Purchase invoice archiving.
  • With the easy search, you can find different products and services on your
  • When you are online, you can access the software anytime, anywhere

Sales invoices (Heeros Venda)

    • Customer and product databases.
    • Three languages for the users of the program.
    • Six invoicing languages, the default language for invoices is Finnish.
    • Several different reports.
    • Invoice form visualisation and option to add company logo.
    • Interfaces with numerous financial administration systems.
    • Creating and/or importing invoices from another system.
    • Using a number of invoice templates.
    • Adding appendices to invoices.
    • Sending invoices either as e-invoices or via a printing service.
    • Mass invoicing.
    • Payment reminders and collection service.
    • Matching payments based on payment reference information.
    • Paying cash invoices during invoicing.
    • Invoice preview and printing of complete invoices without sending them.
    • Invoices automatically to an online archive

      Electronic document archive (Heeros Admina)

        • Separate archives for receipts, documents and reports.
        • Transfer documents also from other financial administration systems.
        • Supports various file formats, such as Word, PDF, TIFF.
        • Free-form text search for documents.
        • Create main categories and sub-classes for documents.
        • Automated e-mail notices directly from the archive.
        • Linking documents with other systems.

          More info Heeros Website.

          Reliable storage for business data

          Reliable storage of material keeps important documents safe, as required by the Bookkeeping Act. Reports are always accessible to users without printing or sending. Automatic reminders make work easier and eliminate the need to remember everything. Versatile search functions save your time and boost the efficiency of your work. Tili-Seno helps you in Turku and Kaarina region. Tili-Seno selectronic accounting makes business safe and easy for you!