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Accounting firm Tili-Seno, electronic accounting guru

What would you like to do on weekends and evenings? Do you want to deal with company bills and tax letters, or go to the gym or go sailing with your family? Leisure time is always tight for entrepreneurs. Even the family smiles broader when you don't spend your weekends on paperwork. Electrification increases your leisure time and you can spend it on whatever you like.  Accounting firm Turku – Tili-Seno Oy is an electronic administration guru. Leave the unnecessary routines in history.

Throw away the papers into the clouds

Electricity is modern and we use cloud systems in all our accounting. All the material is instantly accessible to your accountant, without the need for you to do anything - no need to print or transport your documents. As a Tili-Seno customer, you have a wide range of electronic financial management service packages at your disposal.  

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Tili-Seno offices

Our accounting offices are located in Turku and Kaarina. We offer you the own personal accountant, who is easy to deal with and review your business with. Even though accounting is done electronically, we are happy to face our clients face to face. We know that personalized service is important for both the experienced entrepreneur and the founder of a new business.  Call or request a quote.

An up-to-date, personalized and knowledgeable accounting service

In Tili-Seno accounting is not just about numbers. It is also important for us to combine a humane and life-like perspective with work. We work closely with the customer to provide support and advice at all crossroads. It is easy to approach your own accountant in all kinds of entrepreneurship matters. Different life cycle situations require different types of support, and in difficult times, working closely with your accountant can help you manage even unexpected situations. We have the tools for many puzzles.

We serve individually small and medium enterprises and start-ups in Turku, Kaarina and the surrounding area. We focus especially on developing companies and increasing their marketing expertise. Mastering the right kind of marketing is key to growing your business and succeeding. We work with a relaxed and cheerful attitude, but always with skills of iron. Profitability of your company is our common goal.

We are happy to serve

Every assignment is a challenge that we are happy to take on. ChooseTili-Seno in Turku or in Kaarina and You will always get a clear-cut service for corporate gourmets. Thanks to our diverse experience and expertise, we are able to meet even the most challenging moments. Contact us and we will evaluate your service needs!

A reliable accountig firm

Our accountig firm is member of  Suomen Yrittäjät/ Finnish entrepreneursTaloushallintoliitto/ Financial Management AssociationTurun Yrittäjänaisten ja The Chamber of Commerce.


KORONAN VAIKUTUS TILITOIMISTOMME TOIMINTAAN KEVÄÄN AIKANA. Suomen hallitus on tehnyt torstai-iltapäivänä linjauksia tavoitteenaan... 

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