Summer holidays 2021

Summer greetings from Tili-Seno!

We are open from 8-15 and by appointment in July and August.

We would like to thank you for the past year and remind you of our upcoming summer holidays.

Our offices in Turku and Kaarina serve normally throughout the summer.

See below for our summer holidays:

  • Sole Jäntti:                                 2.-29.8.2021
  • Paula Hellevaara:                     21.-28.6.2021 and 19.7.-1.8.2021 and  23.-29.8.2021
  • Laura Vanhatalo:                      14.6.-4.7.2021 and 2.-8.8.2021
  • Hanne Raddon:                         5.7.-1.8.2021
  • Susanna Liukkonen:                 31.5.-6.6.2021 and 2.-15.8.2021
  • Katja Soininen:                         28.6.-25.7.2021
  • Hannamari Baker:                    28.6.-11.7.2021 and 2.-15.8.2021
  • Niina Haka:                                28.6.-11.7.2021 and 26.7.-8.8.2021
  • Salla Hovi:                                  19.7.-15.8.2021
  • Janika Kurjama:                        12.-18.7.2021
  • Marika Kalakoski:                     16.-29.8.2021


In order to ensure that you will receive VAT information on time,
even during the summer holidays, the bookkeeping materials
must be submitted in accordance with Tili-Seno's general instruction
schedule,  the 15th of the following month.


MAY                 15.6.2021
JUNE                 15.7.2021
JULY                  16.8.2021
AUGUST           15.9.2021

During the summer, our offices have fewer people doing payroll.
Therefore we request you to provide your payroll information at least 7 days before your pay day.